Sunday, April 17, 2005

Wham-O!! Right in the face!

Ok, they say it's good to laugh at oneself so this is what happened to me this morning. As some of you know I got asked to be on a panel by Steph for the youth sunday school class at my church. There was one married couple, one dating couple, and a single man and woman. You guessed it, I was the single woman. And the dating couple turned out to be a newly married couple, but oh well. This panel was set up so that the youth could ask questions about dating, relationships, marriage, etc.

So I get there this morning, it was supposed to start at 10, and I was a few minutes early. I walk in, there's a few girls there, say hello and then sit down to wait for other people I know. Teenagers, as teenagers can be, decide they can't sit still and get the rubber ball out start playing some sort of game. I'm still sitting there waiting for my friends thinking, oh why, oh why did I agree to do this. Finally Jess and Jason show up and Jess comes over, there's cookies over there, ya wanna get some? Oh sure I say. So I gingerly step by the rowdy teenagers with the ball and thought I was safe since my back was to them. Boy was I ever wrong! All of the sudden (I don't exactly know how this happened but) I got slammed in the face with the ball! And I never even turned around! It must've bounced off the opposite wall or something. I grab the ball, turn around and say, alright, who's the culprit? It turned out it was Steph, the ADULT youth leader!!! She, of course, apologized profusely and said "Now that kids, is why we don't kick the ball inside." LOL I tell ya, I'm gonna hold that over her for quite some time.

All in all the panel thing wasn't that bad, it was actually kind of fun. I learned that the other single guy was doing internet dating as well. At least I know I'm not the only crazy one in this town. Haha, I suppose that remains to be seen.

Update on projects: I got a few more rows done on the purse - still don't know if I'll ever finish. And Eeyore is coming along pretty good, I sewed the bow on the tail, and have started on the first leg. What I've been listening to in the past few days: Ben Lee, Aqualung, The Zutons, and Death Cab for Cutie

There, Mel, are you happy that I posted now!


9ptcircle said...

ah hahahahahahaha
That is hillarious! See, I'm not the only one who has funny things happen to them! Did your cookies go flying in the air when the ball hit you? What about your glasses?

graceInk said...

hahahahahaha - luckily i hadn't grabbed a cookie yet or a glass of hot cocoa, that would've been disastrous. My glasses also stayed put, but they seemed pushed in a little for awhile - it was a weird feeling :-)

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