Friday, April 08, 2005

Blogger was making me upset last night

Just wanted to try to post a little bit here at work this morning to see if I have any better luck here than I did at home last night. I don't know what was wrong with it, but I wrote all this stuff and then it gave me a "page cannot be displayed" error message when i tried to publish. Anyway, as you can see I did get a picture of Pooh up, he's finished yay!! And now I'm on to Eeyore. I've got the ears, muzzle and most of the first arm done. I think he's gonna take a little longer than Pooh. Also my friend Melanie keeps bugging me about starting a new project (which I really want to do) so that isn't helping matters.

Oh! Last night my brother came home with this armload of uniforms he has to wear to work now. You know the kind -- striped shirt with the name stitched on the pocket. Ah hahahahahhaha. I'm gonna try to sneak of picture of him sometime. I don't think he reads this so hopefully he won't find out my plan.

I suppose I'd better get to work. Spinning on the discman this week: Keane, The Thrills, and Kaiser Chiefs!!

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