Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yarn purchases this weekend

While we did go to some yarn stores, all I could afford was some sock yarn. I probably won't start any more socks though until I get something else done.

Felted pumpkins

For my first felted project, I thought I'd try something small. So I found these cute felted pumpkins on the Knitty site. However, if I don't get them finished before fall is over, I may never finish them. As you can see, I've only got one wedge done.

Update on purse

Here's an updated picture of the purse I've been working on from the Berroco site. It's coming along fairly quickly as you can see. The cable work makes it a pretty fun knit. It's made in one long piece and then kinda folded in half. As you can see, I'm more than halfway done!!

Hubby's red cardigan

I started this red cardigan at the request of my husband who wanted a new "winter coat." As you can see, I haven't gotten very far yet - probably because I've had so much fun working on my vest! As you can see, there are some "cakes" of yarn I wound using Melanie's ball winder and swift. I SOOOOO want those winding tools! It would make life so much easier for me. Hmmmm..... Christmas present maybe??

Nederland Vest

Here is my new favorite project! It's my first attempt at colorwork too and I love how it is turning out. It's the Nederland Vest from the Fall 2008 issue of Knitscene. As you can see, it's the project I've been working on the most since it's the most fun to knit, at least I think so. :-) The 1x1 ribbing took forever, but after I got past that bit, it's been zooming along. I'm definitely going to do more projects that have fair isle knitting in them.


So now that the knitting weekend is almost over, I thought I'd show everyone what I've been working on. First and foremost, I have finished my socks! That I've been working on for a very long time. Here they are!

As I said, I've had them on the needles for months and months, I'm so glad they're finally finished!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

It is here!

Yahoooooooo! My yarn has arrived. And, it came a whole 2 days early! I wasn't expecting it until Monday. Just one more reason I love Knitpicks! The burgundy color is for a cardigan I'm making my husband, 100% wool, bulky weight. And the blue is for another sweater for me. Swish superwash worsted weight, it's so soft! I used the same kind for my vest, only in DK weight - which I'm almost finished with. The thing is, can I wait to start my new projects until I see my friend again??? I'll keep you posted!