Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So Aqualung has finally released an album in the states and I got it last night. I really like it, but then again I have a thing for what I term piano bands (like Keane). You can listen to streaming audio of his stuff here.

An update on what I'm working on: Eeyore is coming along pretty good I guess. I've got the ears, muzzle and both arms done. I'm currently working on the tail, which is 53 rounds so that could take awhile. I haven't picked up the poncho I started this past weekend yet, so there's no progress on that, tho if I'm to beat Mel I suppose I better get going on it considering she said she'll be working on her cape tonight. I'm also working on a Moroccan purse that's been sitting in the bottom of my basket for a very long time. Maybe some day I'll get it finished.

Spinning on the discman this week: Aqualung (of course!), Kings of Convenience and Kaiser Chiefs.

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