Monday, April 18, 2005

too cute!

So today, after work I went for my usual walk (no crazy neighbors this time if anyone was wondering). I decided to take both dogs because I always feel bad when I leave with one and you can hear the other in the house crying as you walk away. And here are some of the things that happened, I'll save the best for last!:
  • There was a stone in my shoe. And I picked up several more along the way. Word to the wise - always check your shoes before you put them on because once you start walking with 2 dogs you can't stop, for anything. Unless maybe you tied one to the other, but in my case that would be disastrous LOL.
  • I love Katie and all, but she can be a little over-excited about things. For example, leaves. A leaf blew across the road and she's like, what's that!! I bet it's some kind of creature, I better go chase it! Oh man, and you're like whoa, whoa there killer! While she's doing this, my dog, Gibson, is just walking along fine until Katie runs him over. He looks back at her and you can just tell what he's thinking, "Hello?? Can't you see I'm walking here?!?!?!"
  • And here's the grand finale, the part that made me laugh out loud! We were nearly home and Katie decides there's some interesing smell in the ditch. She lunges, and I start yelling, Gibson gets all tangled up and turned around. The leash somehow got wrapped around his belly and during this process his back-end slid into the ditch! I'm, at first like, oh no! Gibson - and then I start laughing hysterically because he looks so cute. He's just staring up at me "Uh, a little help here please?" LOL Sorry to laugh at you Gib, but it made my day!

Hope you all enjoyed my story!

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9ptcircle said...

LOL! You are so funny! I can totally imagine Gibson's expression. Katie, you hoodlum!

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