Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Office - episode 2

Warning - don't read this unless you've seen it or you don't care about being spoiled. Yes, I admit to LOL at a couple points, but it could be that I just am remembering the BBC one that had a similar theme. I laughed at the point where Michael went to come out of his office and then stepped back in so that he could come out at the same time as the other guy. I also laughed when that Indian woman slapped him - yay! I say, he deserves it. I agree with the NPR guy, Jim? and Pam have good chemistry - but other than that you just can't improve (or compare) to the original. Dwight still creeps me out. And why oh why must they all have the same hairstyles as original. It's ok to mix that up a little bit.


Mrs Vee said...

What? Was it on last night? I thought it was on Thursday nights? Did they move it? How do they expect me to follow a show if it's floating around wherever and whenever? This is what causes me to give up and jam a movie in the dvd player. Mess with *this* you network executives, you!

graceInk said...

Yes, it was on last night?!?! Didn't I tell you? I thought I did, oh man, I'm sorry. Tuesday night after Scrubs is going to be its regular time from now on.

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