Saturday, August 30, 2008

Honeycomb vest

My vest is getting very near done, Yay!! At knit night on Thursday night I finished the front and did the three needle bind-off for the shoulders. Today, I decided to block it before I seamed the sides and finished the rest. And this is what I saw:

You may not be able to see it, but I have a loose stitch just hanging there!!!! I couldn't believe it, I was very upset. But, instead of ripping out the shoulder, I took that piece of yarn that you see attached there and sewed the stitch in as best as I could. It will pass I guess. I will try to forget it's there, but that will be hard. Anyway, so I blocked it and this is what it looks like currently stretched out on my bed.

The part closest to you is the back, the front having the deep scoop on the other end.

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melanie said...

Yes, I don't know where those extra stitches come from! It's like stitch inflation is occurring overnight!

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