Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Here they are!

Here's an update on the 3 projects I've been actively working on over the past few months.

First, my socks. I started these ages ago and finished one relatively quickly and then promptly fell into SSS (Second Sock Syndrome.) I recently got back into finishing the second one from teaching my friend, Robin, how to knit socks. They're also a handy, small project to take along with one to knit night. I've turned the heel and am working down the instep.

This market bag I recently finished with the purpose of making several so that I can make my contribution to "going green." It turned out bigger than I thought it would. I haven't tested it out yet. Oh yeah, it took so long to make (what with all the seed stitch), that I don't know if I'll make any more. :-/

And since I finished that bag, I've been working on my Honeycomb vest from I also started this months ago and am currently working on it with renewed vigor with the hope that I can finish it and wear it some day soon! This is what I'll be taking to knit night tomorrow night.


melanie said...

I want to see a picture of those socks on your foot because as it is they look a bit oddly proportioned. I had the same thoughts about making bags - I'm not sure I actually want to knit my way to being green when I can just buy a canvas bag for a few dollars.

graceInk said...

Yeah, I took a picture of them on, but decided to post the one of them off. I'll put that one up soon.

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