Saturday, March 13, 2010

One FO and one WIP

Here is a current WIP photo of my Zarabel sweater. I'm on row 80 of the chart, getting somewhat close to the armholes. The yarn is great to work with (Berroco's Ultra Alpaca) and the cables and lace make it an interesting knit for me.

I finished Christopher's scarf today. It only took me 2 months because the only place I worked on it was at work, on break time. He says it's really warm, but not sure if he'll get much use out of it now that it looks like spring is finally here. But there is always next year! As long as he doesn't lose it between now and then.....


Melanie said...

You are makng me want a green sweater especially because it looks like such a great spring color. I can't wait to see those cables and lace bits blocked!

graceInk said...

Thank you! Only now I'm at a point in the pattern where I have to do 2 things at once. I'll have to read thru it a couple times to figure out exactly what they want me to do.

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