Saturday, September 06, 2008

It is here!

Yahoooooooo! My yarn has arrived. And, it came a whole 2 days early! I wasn't expecting it until Monday. Just one more reason I love Knitpicks! The burgundy color is for a cardigan I'm making my husband, 100% wool, bulky weight. And the blue is for another sweater for me. Swish superwash worsted weight, it's so soft! I used the same kind for my vest, only in DK weight - which I'm almost finished with. The thing is, can I wait to start my new projects until I see my friend again??? I'll keep you posted!


melanie said...

What! I only just ordered my yarn. What cardigan are you going to make for yourself? If you start it before the knitting weekend you still have to start a new project during the knitting weekend, I hope you know :).

graceInk said...

LOL. No, I'm making a cardigan for hubby and a new sweater for me. And no, I haven't started either of them.

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