Monday, March 24, 2008

The Result of the Knitting Weekend

So my friend, Melanie, and I had a knitting weekend this past weekend and I thought I'd post pictures of what I accomplished. OK, I didn't actually finish anything, but I did start several new projects. For those of you who are knitters, this is a very exciting thing. Here are the new projects I started this weekend:

I started this sweater vest this weekend with yarn from Knitpicks. When I ordered this yarn, I thought it was a slightly lighter color, but I'm liking the color now. Here's the pattern I'm using from

OK, you can't really tell yet what this is, but it will be what's called a fichu. It uses laceweight yarn that I got at the Cultured Purl this weekend. And because of that, it will be hard to see any progress until I actually get to the lacy bit. I got the pattern from my Victorian Lace book so I can't show you the photo of the finished pattern. You'll just have to stay tuned!

This is a sock I started with more yarn from Knitpicks. Of course, you can't tell from the picture, but the yarn is very soft. And I love the self-striping bit.

This is another sock that I started a long time ago. I worked on it for a bit this weekend.

Here is another sweater vest I started awhile ago. This yarn is part of my "Christmas" yarn that hubby bought me this year, also from Knitpicks. I really like the tweed pattern, but that makes it slow-going.

Here is my very first felting project. Once finished, it will be a felted Coffee Press Cozy. I hope it turns out good and that I don't have to agitate it in a big bucket with a plunger. :-)

Here is the last project I will write about. It will be a market bag, made out of the miles of cotton yarn that I have lying around.

So, there's an update on most of my WIP's. Well, at least the ones I actively worked on this past weekend.


melanie said...

Your socks look so great, I want to start more socks, although I'm running out of needles to start new projects on. The felting will be great even if you do have to use a bucket and a plunger. Just keep thinking to yourself, oh it'll be fine! And keep plunging, it takes a long time :). I'm really excited to see how that market bag turns out, I have some crochet cotton to use up myself.

graceInk said...

Yeah, you got me back on socks. There was awhile there I wasn't interested in them at all. I think it helps that I'm getting more needles in the smaller sizes. Speaking of which, I should place another order with knitpicks...

Mrs Vee said...

I love the colors for the self-striping socks! Are they for me??? LOL. And the pattern for the sweater vest - very nice. You do such excellent work, even in progress. Great to see!!

There's a plunger involved with felting? Don't they belong in the bathroom?? No wonder I never wanted to do it!

graceInk said...

Yes, the plunger with the felting was done by Melanie. I hope I can use my washing machine for mine!!

melanie said...

ok well just for the record I used a new, clean plunger and a clean bucket and I felted in the laundry room, no bathroom involved. There was a lot of water splashing (both in and out of the bucket) about and my brother kept coming in and asking me if I knew what I was doing.

graceInk said...

I still laugh every time I hear you tell that story!!

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